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August 25, 2008



Speaking of late bloomer, I had my first kiss at 21, I know it seems strange. I was just never into boys until I got to college, and since I was sorta geeky with my braces and my unmanagable hair, no one wanted anything to do with me. Sad but true, after all that waiting my first kiss was unmemorable. I am glad I waited it out though, if I had kissed more frogs I would have never found my Prince!


So cute. My first kiss? I guess I was a late bloomer. It was the star quarterback on the varsity team in high school. I was 15. Now I didn't even think the guy was cute, I only liked him because he was, the star quarterback on the varsity team....and he was dating the head varsity cheerleader who had double D boobies that shook when she jumped in the air. For some reason, he dumped her for me, we went to the movies, and within the first 5 minutes, he stuck his hotdog shaped tongue down my throat and licked the blush off my face. I guess you can't even call it a kiss. It was more like a slobber facial. It took me 6 months to recover. The second boy, Kyle, beautiful,passionate, soft, and the best kiss a 16 year old could ever want. Today, Kyle, is a drug addict, bald, fat, and living with his parents!


Totally cute!

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