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September 30, 2009


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Hi Stacy,
I took some time before I returned comment as this is such a highly charged issue. As someone who works in the cosmetic industry, I think that any dollars spent toward the cause are well spent. I know consumerism, there are women who are going to patronize Estee Lauder, Avon and L'Oreal til the cows come home. If they buy a product that give a dollar toward cancer research, then I'm for it.

To be fair, I did list thinkpink.org, where each person can do their individual research on that dollars that actually donated from individual vendors. I think that each person has to make their choice about which products that choose to wear and which companies they choose to patronize.

I don't know if the average consumer is aware of any organizations that they can support that researches environmental issues. I did give the link to your organization for that type of inforamtion.

This was a simple blog to give shoppers some ideas for products that they may choose to purchase, not an educational forum regarding the suspected carcinogens in cosmetics that may lead to breast cancer. My platform is not political and I'm not here to debate.

Stacy Malkan

Personally, I wouldn't buy most of these pink ribbon products. Companies like Estee Lauder, Avon and L'Oreal are profiting nicely by connecting their products to breast cancer, but what are they really giving back to the cause? An undisclosed portion of proceeds for research or groups that are not focused on actually preventing breast cancer. Most research, and most of the public dialogue about breast cancer, is focused on finding the elusive cure, or urging women to get mammograms -- and not on identifying and preventing causes of the disease, such as carcinogens in the environment. Even worse, products made by these companies actually contain chemicals suspected of causing cancer. This is unacceptable. If they really care about women's health, these pink-ribbon companies should make an immediate commitment to stop using carcinogens. Stacy Malkan, Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, author of "Not Just a Pretty Face: The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry"

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