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March 25, 2010


muska supra

I also follow through Google Reader!


I really want that second dress on the right :) Is there anyway I could get one like it? and for how much?


Skirt and beauty legs of the season came around again, many girls began to dress selected high heels such as
Manolo Blahnik,christian louboutin,jimmy choo, plus a plan for the overall "high" points. Yes, high heels is tall and straight, so that the overall proportion of perfect, so elegant temperament ... ... we can set out the many advantages of high heels, but - affect health, it is sufficient to defeat a drawback of this basket smug idea. Remember some time ago Tony Sao foot surgery to our surprise, we do not have the spotlight of attention, so we do not need to take your body a joke. The actress who recently seems to have reason together, have put on flat shoes as jimmy choo,lanvin, then let them make good lesson for us to see how to wear clothing with flat shoes ,LANVIN, lanvin - women's shoes spring summer Balmain Shoes Lanvin Shoes Lanvin boots
Balmain Shoes
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Yves saint Laurent"high score" effect, this spring, they should, and do not torture their feet.

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